Bunch Wrappers

Bunch Wrap Principles

bunchwrapper 01

Bunch wrapping produces folds conforming to the product shape; round, rectangular or shaped. Reel fed film, print registered and date coded is cut to size.

The product is pushed through the film into a folding box or for high speed, into a rotary head. Tuckers close the base which is sealed prior to ejection.

Typical products wrapped this way include adhesive tape reels, bearings, pies, cheese and sausages. We are always happy to advise on matching the process to the product.

The standard range comprises 5 models, tabulated below, and lines can incorporate Automatic Feed Conveyors. Customised designs also available.

bunchwrapper 02 bunchwrapper 03

The high speed machines are capable of packing speeds up to 100 pieces per minute when packing small items.

Specialised models for wrapping sausages and other food products are available.

Developed from Original 'Carrington Packaging' Brand

Model Number Description Typical Wrapped Product Description Product Size Maximum Film Size Maximum
Dia. Length Width Height Width Cut Off
50 High speed Small, round or rectangular 80 100 75 30 185 220
60 Medium speed Regular or irregular with straight or tapered sides 127 149 121 76 305 349
70 Medium speed As type 60 but with larger size range 305 254 254 152 635 660
85 Specialised Sausage wrapper - 160 115 65 425 425
87 Medium speed Regular or irregular with straight sides only 100 100 190 76 500 320
NOTES: Product size maximums are not necessarily all available concurrently. Dimensions in mm.