Fold Wrappers

folder wrapper 01

Foldwrapping machines combine the principles of overwrap and bunch wrapping machines to produce a series of packaging machines having the ability to fold material around rectangular or round food products, and provide a base seal. Typical products able to be packaged in this way include sausages, cheeses, minced meat blocks etc. Burnley can provide machines with optional change parts to allow variation in the size of the products being packaged.

Further optional extras include an integrated refrigeration unit, providing a cooling plate on the discharge belt after sealing, and hot air guns to shrink the ends of the packs, where shrink film is used.

fold wrapper 02

At Burnley Packaging we have an extensive range of machine designs at our disposal. This, together with our wide ranging experience in the packaging industry, make it possible for us to offer tailored solutions to your packaging applications. Why not contact us with details of your needs, and give us the chance to show what we can offer?

SDO500 Serno-Driver Overwrapper

fold wrapper 03


  • 90 degree or inline film feeds available
  • Touch screen controls
  • Programmable interface with preset memory
  • Servo-drive linear motion modules
  • Ranges of machines with speeds of up to 70 packs / minutes
  • Heat-sealable plastic or paper overwrap materials
  • 360 degree visibility through all-round polycarbonate guarding
  • Vacuum-assisted film feed
  • Quick changeover of pack size
  • Optional heated side discharge belt
  • Multipack option
  • Tear tape and print registration options
  • No pack, no film
  • Heater withdrawal on emergency stop