Shrink Tunnel Machines

Burnley sells a wide range of Shrink Tunnels, specially designed to complement the packaging machines described elsewhere on this website.

The main factors differentiating these different designs are the mounting level - bench or floor-mounted - the type of shrink film being processed, and the required speed of operation, high speed tunnels being available to match the output of the fast packaging machines.

The smallest tunnels are designed for bench mounting, usually being used in conjunction with manual L-sealers, while the larger freestanding types are usually associated with automatic or semi-automatic packaging machines, and are available with a range of conveyors and heating systems to match the required operating speed. Polyolefin, PVC and Polypropylene films can all be catered for.

Type PO Bench Mounted Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnel 01

Tunnel Features:

  • Shrink Tunnel available in five sizes
  • Designed for Polyolefin and PVC films
  • Variable speed belt conveyor
  • Digital temperature control
  • Under belt base heater
  • Air-cooled outer skin
  • Run down timer
  • Specially designed to complement the Burnley range of bench-mounted l-sealers

Type PE/EPE Freestanding Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnel 02

Tunnel Features:

  • 3 Phase variable speed control
  • Digital temperature control
  • Automatic cooling timer
  • Rolling roller or stainless steel mesh conveyor
  • Variable speed fans with air recirculation
  • Modular - easy maintenance access
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction

Optional Features:

  • Optional air bridge cooling fan
  • Optional emergency evacuation facility
  • Alternative finishes available
Machine Ref. Tunnel Aperture Machine Dimensions Electrical Requirements
PO350/175 300 x 175 1245L x 465W 230V 1Ph. 13A.
PO350/250 350 x 250 1245L x 465W 230V 1Ph. 13A.
PO500/175 500 x 175 1500L x 615W 230V 1Ph. 25A.
PO500/250 500 x 250 1500L x 615W 230V 1Ph. 25A.
PO650/175 650 x 175 1500L x 765W 230V 1Ph. 30A.
PE650 400 1225L x 1150W 380/440V 3Ph 25A.
PE800 400 1225L x 1300W 380/440V 3Ph 25A.
EPE400 175 1900L x 850W 380/440V 3Ph 25A.
EPE650 400 2440L x 1150W 380/440V 3Ph 32A.
EPE800 400 2440L x 1300W 380/440V 3Ph 36A.
EPE1000 400 2440L x 1500W 380/440V 3Ph 32A.

Multiple Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnel 03

Multiple l-sealers can be combined with a single tunnel and a conveyor system to construct a simple flow-line.